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Lam Chuan

Lam Chuan, has for the last 47 years been well known and trusted as the Sole Agent in the Asia-Pacific region for Print HPL from Abet Laminati of Italy as well as Pionite Decorative Laminates from the USA. We are one of Asia’s most recognizable surfaces brand. A name that is synonymous with unlimited creativity and design, class, and most importantly, uncompromisable quality.

Beyond the eyes is a complex network of highways, each serving a distinct function. The eyes take in details such as visual weight and resolution and beams it to the mind where a detailed image is reconstructed. Depending on the level of detail of the reconstructed image, we believe that the mind has the capacity to sense surfaces far quicker before it even sends a neural pulses to command one's limbs to reach out and actually feel it. This theory forms our Creative Team's mantra in the design and developmental stage of the Voyage 19/20 Surfaces collection, and allows us to create surfaces that fuse imagination and reality, which in turn pushes the interior design limits of your live, work, and play space.

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