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Morris Allen English

Morris Allen English Singapore was founded in 1993, with over 80,000 students that have benefitted from our programmes. We have more then 25 years of experience in the field of English enrichment and education.

Originally developed by Mr. Morris Allen, past President of Mensa & founder of the Association of Gifted Children Singapore, our English enrichment programmes are designed to simultaneously develop English literacy and nurture EQ competencies in students aged 4-16. We believe this learning approach empowers our students to excel at school while imparting essential soft skills key to achieving future goals.

A range of interactive, enjoyable and stimulating class activities instil a love for the English language, spur students to communicate confidently and spark their critical thinking skills. We build a strong foundation in English with the intent to achieve beyond simply academic success. The dawn of a new, disruptive industrial revolution is upon us where soft skills are increasingly crucial for your child to thrive in the future.

With a curriculum written in consultation with MOE experts, our English programmes are aligned with the latest English Language Syllabus for Primary & Secondary students. Lessons are focused on areas of the English language that Singapore students find most challenging. Students are guided to manage the rigours of assessments by teaching them revision, time management and examination strategies. In 2017 & 2016, 95% of our Primary 6 students achieved A* to B for PSLE English.

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