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Musicark Instruments

Musicark Instruments is a brick and mortar store in sunny Singapore, and ever expanding their web presence. Their mission is simply to bring the finest guitar brands to musicians. The brands they represent tend to be upper market brands, offering immaculate attention to detail and quality.

In that token, they bring that same level of service to their esteemed customers. They acknowledge that deciding to buy an expensive instrument involves intensive research, and at times making a huge leap of faith! At Musicark, they are personally involved in that process with you, ensuring that you would bring home an instrument that is meant for you, and would inspire you to play more!

Do visit them and should you require any Musical Instruments for yourself.

What they said

Beyond providing good web design service and design skills, Felore is able to offer consult on how ecommerce should be, which provides alot more value than just hiring a web designer.

He listens well and also offers advice when your ideas could be wrong, which as a business owner, you should listen to. I'm very happy that he designed our site to what I had in mind, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a web consultant.

Lance Lim,
Musicark Instruments,

What I did

- Web Designing
- Web Development
- Shopping Cart Functionalites
- Email routing

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