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The Unicorn Parties

The Unicorn Parties believe parties are moments in life worth celebrating. They also believe that every moment in life is worth celebrating! So basically, they believe life is a never-ending party and it should be fun, exciting, passionate and maybe a little crazy!

Passed an exam? Throw a party! Reunited with your long-lost friend? Throw a party! Shifted into a new home? Throw a party!

And as you throw all these parties, rest assured that we’ll be there to help you along the way to make that moment you’re celebrating something worth remembering, and let’s just say – pretty awesome.

Do visit them and should you require any Parties Planning for your loved ones or yourself.

What they said

I truly appreciate Felore's service, especially in his honesty and integrity. Unlike other web designers who sell you things that you do not need for your website, or overcharge, Felore's rates make perfect sense and he honestly tells me what I need, or do not need, and explains it out clearly to me. Once the design was set, he was fast to complete it and put it up for my review.

Although there was quite a number of minor adjustments, Felore was always patient to edit them and again, with speed and efficiency. Most importantly, when we met for the training sessions, Felore was clear in teaching us how to maintain the site on our own and answered all the questions we had. Even after the project is closed, Felore assured us that we can still drop him a text if we encounter any problems, and we can rest assure that he will hold up to his word as he has proven to be a person of his words. We are glad to have found a web designer like Felore to work with. Thank you, Felore!

What I did

- Web Designing
- Web Development
- Email routing

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